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Sports: Are They Ever That Serious?

by Jackson Ward

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File)

On January 7th, 2024, A man was shot and killed in Miami, Florida, outside of the Hard Rock Stadium.  The 26 year old Bills fan Dylan Brody was simply walking back to his car after the Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins 21-14. Dylan had gotten into an altercation after the game with a Dolphins fan in their car a few blocks away from the stadium. Things escalated quickly when the driver pulled a gun on Dylan and his friends and fired multiple shots at the group. Police said Dylan was dead at the scene. The Miami police are still investigating the case and have found the car that fled from the scene and have since seized it. They have identified and interviewed a suspect but have yet to release a name. A GoFundMe has raised over 90 thousand dollars to cover the cost of a funeral for Dylan and his family.

Since the Death of Dylan Brody it raises the question, “ Are sports ever that serious?” People all over social media have been saying sports should never get to that point. Sports are meant to be fun entertainment for fans. It should never be to the point of shooting someone over a win or a loss.

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