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Rustin Student Poll Results!

by Savannah Butler

What is your favorite class?

Of 135 responses, 20.7% of students said that their favorite class is a science class, plus various responses including specific science classes under the “other” option.

Who is your favorite teacher?

Of 144 responses, Ms. Nee is the majority’s favorite teacher, with 14 votes. 12 said that their favorite teacher is Mr. Diehl, and 9 said that their favorite teacher is Senorita Claffy.

On a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you in an average school week?

Of 138 responses, 24 people said that on a scale of 1-10, their stress level in an average school week is at a seven. 24 people also said that it is even higher at an eight.

Are you interested in videos made by Rustin students?

Of 138 responses, 52.9% said they are interested in videos made by Rustin students. 34.1% said that they might be interested in these videos.

What are your thoughts on the mullet epidemic?

At 50.7%, the majority of the 138 responders are anti-mullet. Many responders claim that they “like them on girls, but never on guys.” Others say that they are bad in theory, “but some people make it look good!” It seems that most prefer a stylistic mullet that matches one’s aesthetic, rather than a sporty mullet that looks okay. Our favorite response:

“I feel a sinking feeling of demise every time I see them.”

- Response 38

Who is your favorite music artist?

Of 125 responses, the majority’s favorite music artist, with 25 votes, is Taylor Swift. Does this have to do with the upcoming tour? Maybe. There is a vast majority of Swifties who are anti-mullet or indifferent about them, but almost no pro-mullet Swifties.

What is your favorite music genre?

36 out of 138 responders said that their favorite music genre is indie/alternative. There were many responses under “other” who introduced interesting subgenres.

Who do you main in Mario Kart?

Out of 131 responses, the majority of students main Peach with 24 votes.

What are your thoughts on zodiac signs?

Most people believe that zodiac signs are fun and interesting, but not to be taken too seriously. Many responders claim that people who judge others based on their zodiac are “taking it too far.” One responder goes as far as to say that they are a “marketing scheme.” It seems that responders have very mixed opinions on zodiac signs. Some of our favorite responses are:

“NASA-certified nonsense”

- Response 91

“I hate astrology! (I’m a Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, and Aries Rising)”

- Response 72

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