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Grammys Outfits: Worst to Best

I want to preface this with the fact that the Grammys theme this year was "Back to normal."


Gus Kenworthy

10. This outfit doesn't need any explanation. This bob-the-builder-looking outfit was not Prada's best invention. They could do so much better.

Benny Blanco

9. I don't know where to even begin with this one. Not only did he wear shorts and a sweatshirt, but they were jeans. Nothing about this outfit matches; the Amish core shoes do not go with sweatshirts and jeans, especially jeans.


8. This basic recurring theme of head-to-toe jeans goes without saying. Not only did he have a jean trench coat, but he also had jean boots. This outfit looks like it was pieced together with a bunch of old jean pants; not a fan.

Camilla Cabello

7. She had so much potential, but chose a bikini top and a black skirt. She looks like she went to the H&M clearance section and picked the cheapest top. The skirt ate, but not that top.

Sam Smith

6. All anyone can talk about is the controversy of their and Kim's grammy performance, but why isn't anyone talking about the controversy of this outfit? They look like they took the red carpet off the ground and added a zipper; Kim's outfit kind of ate, but Sam's needs some work. When I look at this outfit, I can't tell if they are playing croquet with hedgehogs and flamingos, or if they are satan, coming for my soul.

Harry Styles

5. He had the most boring outfit for someone nominated for six awards. Unlike Gus Kenworthy, he didn't even have a shirt under the overalls. It looks thrifted, but grossly; it's giving a goodwill rug with rhinestones.

Muni Long

4. Kind of like this one despite the fact that she looks like she came off of a truffula tree. This thneed core dress is one of the better outfits this year; she pulled it off very well.

Shania Twain

3. The queen herself ate once again. The bellbottom pants and the blazer is chef's kiss, absolutely amazing. Not a fan of that hat; it looks like a cow udder.


2. Girly came back from the dead in the music industry and ate up the red carpet. She never misses. This Louis Vuitton velvet dress is so in character for her, and the ruffle sleeves give her such a nice pizzaz. She ate this look up.

Cardi B

  1. I am obsessed with this dress; it's just the right amount of extra. The blue of the dress is so perfect for her, and the little swoop, or whatever it is, is stunning. Ate, no crumbs.

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